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Jam Packed Two Hour Workshops To Inspire Your Children

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We offer three drama workshops that will stimulate your children’s imaginations.  These workshops fit well with the curriculum, and have been refined over the years, taking into account feedback from the children and staff. Our workshops are tried and true and the children love them.


Best for K – Yr2

Take all those famous stories that children all know so well and turn them completely on their head. Cinderella now owns a shoe store, the Big Bad Wolf is actually scared of pigs; or maybe Jack from the Beanstalk is hanging out with Sleeping Beauty. We’ll let the children create their own stories. Covering aspects including storytelling, story making, character play and costume work; “Once Upon a Time” is a perfect opportunity to let student’s imaginations go wild while learning the fundamentals of creating their own stories. 

Cost $11 per child – Minimum Fee $440

Curriculum Outcomes

DRAES1.1 Uses imagination and the elements of drama in imaginative play and dramatic situations.

DRAS1.1 Takes on roles in drama to explore familiar and imagined situations. 

DRAS1.4 Appreciates dramatic work during the making of their own drama and the drama of others.

Once Upon A Time


Insane Impro



A sensational and fun opportunity to develop performance and improvisation skills in a positive, rewarding and confidence-building environment, Insane Impro teaches self-expression, socialisation, public speaking, lateral thinking and cooperation. Students are taken through a number of fun activities that teach the underlying principles of improvisation.

These 2 hour workshops are all about flexing the muscles in kids minds and testing the boundaries of their imagination!  And with every session being different, you can book us as often as you like – a one off workshop, every school holidays, or even for weekly after school drama sessions (places for weekly spots limited….contact us for details).

Cost $11 per child – Minimum spend $440

Curriculum Outcomes

DRAS2.1 Takes on and sustains roles in a variety of drama forms to express meaning in a wide range of imagined situations.

DRAS2.4 Responds to, and interprets, drama experiences and performances.



Best for Yr4 – 6

After teaching drama for over 19 years, award winning writer, Wayne Tunks, has a lot of plays written specifically for primary school aged children. In this workshop, students learn how to breakdown a script, understand stage directions and then get up to perform the work. From the initial read right through to performance, Wayne will help them with the language and will begin to direct the scenes. Use them for a future performance or as a learning tool on the day; the students will gain instant confidence when they discover how quickly they can create a piece of theatre.

Cost $11 per child – Minimum spend $440

Curriculum Outcomes

DRAS3.2 Interprets and conveys dramatic meaning by using the elements of drama and a range of movement and voice skills in a variety of drama forms 

DRAS3.3 Devises, acts and rehearses drama for performance to an audience


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Yrs 4-6

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