2024 Preschool Incursions

Highest Quality Theatrical Incursions for Children 2-7 Years

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We offer three wonderful experiences for Preschoolers. Three musical theatre shows, featuring larger-than-life characters, colourful costumes, and loads of audience participation!


Feb – October

The Dinosaur Show

Feb – October

Mrs Claus' Christmas

Nov – Dec


“Incursions such as this, foster the children’s development and understandings of the world around them and build on their awareness of the wider community. We would like to thank Em’s Entertainment for providing such a enriching experience for the children!” 


Milestones ELC Pitt Town


Wombat’s Wild Weekend is a fun way to familiarise kids with our beloved Australian native animals.

Wombat from the big smoke goes on an Aussie outback adventure, only to run into a sneaky Bower Bird who seems intent on ruining his weekend getaway by stealing all his socks! Join Wombat and his new found friends, including: Kerry Koala, Dingo, Kookaburra and Joey the Kangaroo while they band together to stop the pesky Bower Bird. Fast paced, and full of catchy songs, Wombat’s Wild Weekend has proven to be a hit with kids Australia wide.


Cost: $450(+gst) | Duration: 45 mins | Audience Limit: 80

{The Dinosaur Show}

We always look forward to Em’s shows and have never been disappointed. I’ve seen them at many services, and that’s why when I opened this centre last year, I sought them out, they’re so entertaining. The children love the music, songs and characters and often the older children replay show segments over and over! 

Sue Noble

Captain Hooks Child Care Centre

With more than 1800 performances to date, this well researched show has enthralled countless children over the years.
They join in the fun with the wild wacky dinosaur family as Tapejara the Pterosaur (Tappy) takes children on this exciting adventure.

A simple storyline, with loads of action and involvement for the children.

Who is stealing the Dinosaur eggs? Help Tappy solve the mystery with the help of his friends –

  • Nina, the dancing dinosaur;
  • Diplodocus, the resident life saver (because we all know that dinosaurs can’t swim)
  • T-Rex and Spinosaurus, the hilarious squabbling puppets
  • Struthiomimus, the fastest dinosaur of them all;
  • Supersaurus, a real show off who really gets the audience rocking
  • Tricerotops, a cool, laid back blues singer; and the sneaky menace,
  • Coelophysis, the sneakiest dinosaur of all!

Cost: $450 (+gst) | Duration: 45 mins | Audience Limit: 80

{Mrs Claus’ Christmas!}

“We just love the shows! They’re very age appropriate, entertaining, lots of fun, and really involve their young audience. The acting is excellent, and costumes, props and set are simple and effective. We’ve been booking Em’s shows for sixteen years. They visit our five centres each year. Highly recommended”

Nina Blair

Moriah Kindergarten Bondi

Mrs Claus’ Christmas – By Wayne Tunks & Emma Louise.

Last seen in 2020!

It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus has been kidnapped by Barry Von Baddie, who has always been on the naughty list. Mrs Claus must spring into action! With the help of the reindeers and elves, Mrs Claus decides this year she will fly the skies and give toys to the kids of the world. Can Mrs Claus learn how to deliver all those gifts? Will they find Santa? Who can stop Barry Von Baddie? Come along and enjoy the ride!! With Mrs Claus more determined than ever, you know she’s sure to give her all on this magical and musical mission.

Guaranteed to be a delightful end to the year!!!



Cost $550(+gst) |  Duration: 45 Minutes |  Audience Limit: 80

Additional charge of $5.50 per extra child for audiences larger than 80.


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