2018 SHOWS

Musical Educational Entertainment for Children 2-7 Years

Santa Claus Superstar

Santa Claus Superstar is a delightful comedy which will thrill its young audiences.

Now that Santa has a magic cape he can make all of the toys by himself. Poor old Ruldolf and the elves have their world turned upside down – they’re out of a job! The scheming Daredevil Dan and Grumpy Gran plot to steal the cape, and it’s high adventure with the children involved every step of the way.

Featuring the gorgeous Music Box Dancer, the Jolly Green Christmas Tree, Drummer Boy, Jack in the Box, Harlequin, and many more surprises.

Writer: Julie Zommers

Season Dates: November – December, 2018

Cost: $500 + gst

Show Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum Audience Size: 80 children