2017 SHOWS

Musical Educational Entertainment for Children 2-7 Years

Captain Gillie’s Grand Adventure

Get kids talking about culture!  Join the lovable rogue, Captain Gillie on his quest to find Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, who has gone missing from Scotland.

This delightful tale takes children on a musical adventure around the world where they stumble across many different cultures. They meet Big Chief Sitting Duck, Little Eskimo, the Mexican Jumping Bean, China Girl, Momma Mia and Old MacDonald. Mermaid and King Neptune add a little fantasy, and enrapture every child! An exciting show filled with catchy songs, colourful costumes and fun characters. Loads of participation for everyone! Last performed in 2012, we are so excited to be bringing it to life again, and continuing our commitment to providing quality entertainment for children.

 Season Dates: March – October, 2017

Cost: $450 + gst

Show Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum Audience Size: 80 children

Santa Of The Never Never Christmas Pantomime 

With a truly Australian flavour, this show offers a feast of characters who help Santa when he is stranded with Rudolph at Uluru. How will he get the sleigh started again, and will he make it in time to deliver presents to all of the children in the world? This fast-paced show features characters such as Sneaky Slidey Sam the Snake, the Jolly Swagman, the Rockin’ Cockatoo, Croc from Kakadu and the ever popular Flying Doctor Big Bottom just to name a few. Full of comedy, Santa of the Never Never features catchy songs, and fun characters that delight grown ups as well as the children!

Writer: Julie Zommers   Producer:  Emma Delle-Vedove

Season Dates: November – December, 2017

Cost: $500 + gst

Show Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum Audience Size: 80 children